Gift Cards and Promotional Codes
Gift Cards
The period of validity of a gift card is one year from the date of purchase or issuing. Afterward, it becomes invalid. Gift cards may be used to purchase any item available on the Website or our physical location. Gift cards cannot be returned or redeemed for money. Virtual gift cards will be sent by e-mail to the recipient only after the payment has been cleared.
A copy of the gift card will also be sent to the sender. Make sure that the e-mail address of the recipient is correct. We are not responsible for invalid e-mail addresses. The gift card cannot be used to pay any taxes related to the purchased items, these being the full responsibility of the buyer.
Promotional Codes
If you have a promotional code and you would like to use it during a purchase, simply enter it at checkout. If your order total is higher than the value of the promotional code, you will need to pay the balance and you will be redirected to the payment gate.
One promotional code can be used during one purchase.
We reserve the right to cancel any promotional codes at any time without prior notice.
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