• Tendre Capture coque bra lingerie range by Antinéa from Lise Charmel brand.
  • Coque bra made of deep lace, fascinating and exciting.
  • Coque bra, made of multithread tulle soft and tonic, providing lightness and suggestibility.
  • A lace Jacquard trim and its matching width provide different backgrounds as well as good comfort when worn.
  • The different backgrounds (different fishnets, sizes and tassels), the matte and shiny threads show the richness and quality of the lace.
  • The straps of the coque bra Tendre Capture are continuous to offer a wider range of adjustment.
  • Rings, sliders, and zamak snaps give the coque bra a sensuous touch.
  • Tendre Capture coque bra plays the game of seduction, a seductive funny production for lovers passion.

Tender Capture Contour Bra

  • The brand ANTINEA embodies ultra-femininity and offers a range of styles created specifically to make all women feel attractive. The comfort of the fabrics, the elegance of the embroidery and lace make ANTINEA the ultimate daily lingerie.

    This lingerie accompanies a dynamic life and beautifies the curves for a blooming femininity.

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